H&M wants to close the loop on fashion by giving customers an easy solution for unwanted garments – reuse or recycle them through H&M’s Garment Collecting initiative. By doing so, fewer garments go to landfill. A brand new film directed by Crystal Moselle will kick-off the next Garment Collecting campaign, “Bring It”, which will debut globally on January 26th on hm.com. The “Bring It” film explores the journey that unwanted garments go on after they have been collected in store. Through inspiring stories, the film illustrates how the lifespan of a garment can be increased to keep it in the loop for as long as possible. 


H&M first launched its Garment Collecting initiative in 2013. Since then the company has collected over 40,000 tons of clothing. Today customers can bring any unwanted garments and textiles, from any brand and in any condition, to any H&M store, all year round and receive a 15% off voucher for their entire purchase. The goal is to increase the amount of garments collected every year, so that we reach a total collected volume of 25,000 tons per year by 2020. In the U.S. this year alone, H&M has set a goal to collect 2 million lbs. of unwanted textiles and garments.

In 2014 H&M also introduced its first Close the Loop collection made with recycled textile fibers – an important step in closing the loop on fashion. This spring, continuing on the innovations in recycled textile fibers, we will once again have pieces in our Denim collection made from recycled materials that come directly from the Garment Collecting program.

To provide fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way, H&M’s ambition is to work towards a change in the way fashion is made and enjoyed today. Close the Loop is a central commitment of H&M’s work towards a more sustainable fashion future. The aim is to create a closed loop for textiles, so that unwanted clothes can be reused and recycled to create fresh textile fibers for new products. In turn this will help to save natural resources and ensure that zero garments go to landfill.


& Other Stories announces co-lab with TOMS

& Other Stories teamed up with TOMS in the creation of a new co-lab collection set to launch in the spring of 2017. The collection will feature new interpretations of some of TOMS classic shoe styles along with ready-to-wear inspired by the L.A. way of life.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Coffee

Jack Daniel's® Coffee - 8.8 oz.

Jack Daniel’s has created a  unique blend of gourmet coffee is 100% Arabica, infused with authentic Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Whiskey, and roasted medium to provide a full-bodied rich flavor.  The distinct caramel and vanilla notes of Jack Daniel’s® Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey are evident in each sip.

World of Coffee operates using the same principles as Mr. Jack Daniel, “Everyday we make it, we’ll make it the best that we can.” Jack Daniel’s have been roast masters since 1984 and adhere to strict quality standards in the sourcing and production of the best tasting coffee. Just like Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, their coffee blend is crafted with pride using premium beans and proprietary roasting methods for a delicious brew with bold character and a smooth finish.

Every drop of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is made in Lynchburg, Tennessee at America’s oldest registered distillery. The folks there still use the same care and methods that Jack Daniel established back in 1866. Their commitment to quality, along with the unique charcoal-mellowed flavor, has led to Jack Daniel’s fame around the world. A simple reminder that quality and responsibility never go out of style.

Your Friends At Jack Daniel’s Remind You To Drink Responsibly!!

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Source: Jack Daniel’s®


Penfolds, the legendary Australian maker of some of the world’s finest vintages, has come out with the most impressive and exclusive wine bottle presentation ever – the $140,000 Aevum Imperial Service Ritual.


Only five of the precious sets, made of pure crystal with 1,900 different diamond cuts and bespoke silver stands, are being offered to collectors worldwide. The main vessel holds a massive Imperial of Penfold’s iconic 2012 Grange wine – a highly anticipated vintage of one of the most collected and cellared wines in the world – equivalent to two double magnums or 8 standard 750 ml bottles, which is included in the hefty price.


A second more table-friendly decanter cleverly designed to be permanently tilted though anchored to the sculpted base holds a single bottle’s worth and can be refilled as often as you like. These will later be available separate.


“For the first time ever, Penfolds has released a number of Imperials,” notes Chief Winemaker Peter Gago (above), adding. “It is the most difficult task in the world of wine to actually get it out of the bottles.” The Aevum Imperial solves the problem in the most elegant way.


Penfolds partnered with Saint-Louis, the oldest manufacturer of glassmaking in Europe, on the ultimate decanter set; buyers of the coveted five pieces will also get a free trip to Australia and the winery itself to take delivery in person.




Turn Vodka to Gin

Craft your own gin from a bottle of vodka!!

The Homemade Gin Kit

Transform a normal bottle of vodka into a delicious bottle of homemade gin in just 36 hours. We love this kit because it’s perfect for learning how botanicals and juniper berries play the central role in gin’s creation, plus you get to share homemade gin with your friends! I think it makes a great Blokepproved  gift.

The Homemade Gin Kit

The Homemade Gin Kit

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Respectful salute to Teddy Riley on his 2016 Soul Train-Legend Award

Teddy Riley  has over 30 million albums sold…countless top 10 songs… and tonight on the 2016 Soul Train Awards, Teddy was presented the with the 2016 Soul Train Legend Award. In Teddy’s speech, he said,  “Everyone said this is overdue and well-deserved and I agree.”  me too Teddy!

Anyway ,in  keep up with they New Jack swing spirit,  I would like to share a collaborative New Jack Swing  Spotify playlist put together by  Jordan Nasser & myself.

The list is open so add a New Jack Swing song if you like.