The Sunglasses That Make The World Look Like Instagram

Tens is a sunglasses brand with a simple ambition; to make your day look ten times better. Through our custom lens tint we aim to add an extra burst of color to your summer!

#Blokeapproved-Tzukuri Eyewear


If you’re like many people, you’ve probably lost a sunglass or two. Tzukuri Eyewear plans to change that with a line of sunglasses with built-in iBeacons that communicate with your phone via Bluetooth to notify you when your shades have been left behind. The sunglasses also have a built in solar cell to keep them charged and the company analyzed thousands of faces using 3D technology to create six frames suited to just about any face.


I need a bald girl…get at me bald girl!!!

Amber Rose Amber Rose Amber Rose, A rose by any other name would just be bootleg!!
I’ve had a deep conversation about Ms. Rose  and how a woman like Amber is bad news for your heart. Amber is the type of woman that will have you high on love in a villa  in the South of France and then one beautiful sun drenched morning, you’ll wake up with a blush colored post-it on the pillow next to you that reads “Duce’s!!” Now you are heart broken and  strung out on Crack, Meth and heroin in desperate need of love rehab! ..hhhmmm , Well…that’s the chance I’m willing to take!!  Wouldn’nt we make a hot couple? I can see us now…. both of us in Frank’s Chop Shop  getting a light caesar cut with a stright razor line up.. I need a bald girl..get at me bald girl…