Blokes, If you’ve ever had the urge to truly bespoke your crepes with a dope image or pattern, then your dream is about to come true.

Adidas is teasing an app for its ZX Flux sneakers that would let you take a photo with your mobile device and then have it printed on a pair of shoes, which you can purchase when the app goes live in August.

Back in the day when i was a teenager

180 grammes

Back in the day when i was a teenager….

I use to dye my old denim and fuck up anything white that was in my house.
, I was never brave enough to dye my shoes though,Although I though about it but I have a single black southern mom. She would have murdered me!!
180g’s , just like Ghostface in “Glaciers of Ice” has taken individualism to a new level with dyeing anything that will take a color. You can choose from a palette of more than 100 distinctive colors and get your Ghostface on!!

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