The Classic Bowman Sofa

This is a very elegant sofa design made of upholstery material leather bolsters and pillows, with sophisticated lines, rich walnut and aluminum base legs, Sofa Bowman answers his own authority. The black color looks sofa is very stylish and elegant. The sofas long, luxurious form makes it ideal for a waiting room, doctors office or living room. Brooklyn-based designer Noah Packard adds his own modern spin to the classics. Vote for the Bowman Sofa click – here.

Lean Back….

The rocking chair is one of the most significant accomplishments of 20th century home furniture. This new concept by London’s Supernatural Studios redesigns and modernizes the, now antiquated Benjamin Franklin creation. They use non-traditional material and design by abandoning wood and bringing it a bit closer to the ground, presumably for functional purposes. Supernatural also redesigns a bar stool in a similar fashion as the rocking chair, utilizing a sleek all black futuristic appearance.