Surfers Lodge Peniche


Surfers Lodge Peniche delivers high standard accommodation and serious surf classes by qualified instructors in sunny Peniche, Portugal.


The lodge was built with as little impact on the environment as possible. Old boats were stripped down and reused as building material and part of the old house that was previously on the lot was ground up to be used in the foundation of the lodge.


Instead of a lobby, SLP has a comfy living room. They have bedrooms instead of hotel rooms. You can choose between comfortable suites and double rooms, if you have a smaller budget, you can sleep in their bunk bed rooms.

On those warm days you can relax on our terrace and soak up the sun in the Jacuzzi or the pool. When the weather is bad you can sip on a warm cup of tea in front of our open fireplace in the living room.

SLP, Serves up the best produce with big flavors and a family atmosphere at the Lodge’s restaurant. They are passionate in all aspects about the lodge they we do and want to give you an experience over the ordinary and they translated in their restaurant. 
They aren’t trying to be fancy or make food more complicated than it has to be. Their main goal is to serve the best meals of  you have ever had, every time you visit, by using a Scandinavian cooking style, incorporating pickled, smoked and savory flavors with the best Portugal has to offer!
First of all, surfing is fun. Like everything else at the Lodge their surf classes will have the best quality on the market. The teachers, will teach you everything you need and should know about surfing, both in and out of the water.

Visit Surfers Lodge Peniche to book your unforgettable experience!