SOON- your everyday bucket list

SOON is your everyday bucket list
– the best way to keep track of all the things you want to do


Categories you care about

That movie everyone talks about, a new restaurant you want to try, books, tv series, stores… And we keep adding new categories all the time.

Clean, simple & beautiful

SOON arranges these things in beautiful lists, lets you add new items with a single tap and saves the things you’ve already done for next time.


All the content you need

For every item you add, SOON gives you the content you need to take the next step: posters. pictures, plots, previews, contacts and much more.

Inspired by friends & trends

Out of ideas? SOON shows what your friends are up to and what’s trending in the community so you always have access to the latest inspiration.

Like a one-stop shop for cultural edification, Soon is a simple solution for managing everything in one place. The iOS app allows you to build to-do lists by category for books, music, restaurants, bars, museums, podcasts, games, movies and more. It integrates with existing services like IMDB and Spotify, meaning that all you have to do is search a movie or album title and you’ll have all the details. Adding it to your hit list is only a swipe away after that.

Download Soon Here

Source: Soon & Airows

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