Bettering the environment with an all-around better jean!

Patagonia pushes to clean up the denim business with their new jeans! 

Photo: Patagonia

Photo: Patagonia

Manufacturing denim the wrong way can be a harmful process that not only is detrimental to the environment, but can also cause social harm with the unnecessary mistreatment of factory workers. Patagonia wants to rethink this whole process in a huge way with a new denim collection that does a solid for the environment, but also follows fair trade practices to bring proper compensation and better working environments for factory workers.

The company’s new denim process uses 84% less water than traditional manufacturing, 30% less energy, and 25% less CO2. Each style in the collection is made from 100% organic cotton that has been grown without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

An innovative dyeing process enables us to reduce water, energy and chemical use dramatically and produce less carbon dioxide than conventional synthetic denim dyeing. Fair Trade Certified™ for sewing, Patagonia Denim is the way denim should be made.

The collection launches with three styles for men that includes a regular fit, straight fit, and a performance jean that adds technical characteristics like mechanical stretch and DWR coating.

Learn more at

$99-$119, Patagonia

Source: Acquiremag

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