cocoon tree bed – a luxury tent getaway

cocoon tree bed - a luxury tent getaway
a contemporary take on the traditional tree house, ‘cocoon tree‘ is a 120kg spherical structure intended as a retreat,
suspended above the ground. its T6 aluminium structure – comprised of 12 elongated rods for the top,
and 12 shorter rods for the lower part – is covered in either korea tarpualin (basic version) or ferrari high quality tarpaulin (deluxe version).
 a 2.4 meter wide circular bed made from a high density foam mattress is inset, outfitted with specially tailored linens.
the easy to assemble design can be accessed via security nets.

the hanging tent can be hung from trees using polyester rope

the lower segment of the structure has three openings to access the interior

security nets are also provide means of getting to the structure

hanging out in the trees…

interior view of the cocoon tent which features a 2.4 meter bed complete with specially tailed white cotton sheets
image © designboom

image © designboom

the completely set of components used to build a cocoon tree

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