SIWA Cushioned iPad Case

SIWA Cushioned iPad Case
Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, SIWA cushioned iPad case is perfect for carrying your iPad or any other gadgets that need to be protected. Its button and string opening ensures your iPad to stay inside safe and secure. Inside of the case has a matching color liner in a soft sheer fabric which keeps your IPad scratch free.
Using an innovative manufacturing process, SIWA modernizes the traditional paper making rooted in Yamanashi prefacture, Japan. Its material, Soft Naoron has been developed by a Japanese paper manufacture Onao in order to create products using paper-like material that is strong and highly water resilient yet soft and flexible.

The SIWA cushioned iPad case is slightly creased when it comes out of the manufacturing process and the way you use and handle it will add your unique impressions making your SIWA different from any other ones. The case feels like beautifully worn in leather in touch.

BUY HERE: Baum-kuchen

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