Just a little houseboat on the eilbek canal

‘houseboat on the eilbek canal’ by sprenger von der lippe, hamburg, germany
image © meike hansen, archimage
all images courtesy of sprenger von der lippe

german practice sprenger von der lippe, has recently completed the ‘houseboat on the eilbek canal’, a floating residence 
situated between two bridges along a waterway in hamburg, germany. with the moorings positioned significantly lower 
than street level and the sloped banks lined with natural vegetation, this dwelling offers an introverted experience for inhabitants
within the quiet and secluded area. the floor at the water’s surface contains the private bedrooms, offering privacy with the
inherent landforms along with a living room which overlooks the gently rippling water. the upper level contains the public spaces
which offers elevated views of the scenery from the kitchen and dining area.

view of the residence form the water
image © meike hansen, archimage

image © meike hansen, archimage

view of terrace from living room
image © meike hansen, archimage

upper level kitchen and dining area
image © meike hansen, archimage


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