Six Scents: Series Three – Innocence to Experience

Too many cooks might, in most cases, spoil the broth, but the Six Scents fragrance collections seem immune to this mantra. For the last two years, the label has ingeniously assembled a roster of fashion’s most exciting names, and paired them with the best talents within international fragrance powerhouse, Givaudan, with delicious results.

‘Six Scents does not engage with the standard notion of what perfume is, and the requirements that make it. Instead, it is a poetic speculation on what else a perfume could be,’ explains the collective’s creative director, Kaya Sorhaindo. The results range from Juun.J’s comforting fragrance, which captures the smell of concrete and wood in a city, with bergamot, cedarwood, orris and amber, to Rad Hourani’s more conceptual offering, epitomising the circle of life from birth (powdery musk) to death (symbolised by incense notes mimicking the ambiance in a church).

As a final flourish, the collective has also commissioned a series of short films to further explore the theme. The results, which are available with each box of perfume, will also form part of a video installation held at The Standard Hotel, Miami Beach during Art Basel Miami.

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